Cornices & Coving

Our cornices come in many styles and periods. Whether designing to compliment the era of your property or to add a finishing touch to your room our extensive range of designs are available to see in our showroom. Samples cornices can be taken to view in situ at home allowing the opportunity to decide on [...]
Cornices & Coving CS Interiors

Ceiling Roses

We offer a large selection of ceiling rose designs to suit contemporary and period properties. Our showroom in Brentford displays a large selection in situ and we hold ceiling roses in stock. Ceiling roses add character and a finishing touch to your room. Small Decorative Ceiling Roses, 270mm - 490mm VIEW Medium Decorative Ceiling Roses, [...]
Ceiling Roses CS Interiors


Selection of corbels. All sizes are approximate, dimensions in mm KB3: A-215 B-42 C-240 D-170 KB8: A-105 B-85 C-170 D-88 KB1: A-76 B-122 C-155 D-76 KB2: A-117 B-104 C-110 D-107 KB9: A-137 B-150 C-305 D-85 KB7: A-180 B-130 C-265 D-140 KB6: A-190 B-100 C-265 D-135 KB5: A-150 B-112 C-260 D-150 LC1: A-300 B-195 C-495 D-197 [...]
Corbels CS Interiors

Bespoke Plaster Products

Reproduction of original plasterwork constitutes a majority of the work that we do. For this we require a piece of the original plasterwork, (as shown) a detailed drawing or in some cases a 1:1 profile will be enough. As period house are being restored to their former glory, this service is becoming increasingly popular. Special [...]
Bespoke Plaster Products CS Interiors


Jesmonite is an adaptable product that is suitable for both internal and external work. Its unique properties give the product an advantage as it is considered durable, light weight, flame resistant and resistant to impact. It can be used to fabricate both small and large work. Finishes can resemble plaster, stones and metals, please see [...]
Jesmonite CS Interiors

Plaster Columns

Our fibrous plaster columns are decorative features for internal use only. The plain and fluted columns can be adjusted according to the sizes specified below. The columns can also be made in half sections, so they maybe flushed to the wall. We can also manufacture bespoke archways, arches or pilasters in most styles and to [...]
Plaster Columns CS Interiors

Light Diffusers

Selection of Light Diffusers and Up-lighting Cornices. LT21: H-280mm, W-310mm, P-110mm LT23: H-160mm, W-265mm, P-130mm LT24: H-300mm, W-254mm, P-165mm LT20: H-130mm, W-358mm, P-164mm Light Trough Cornice LT25: H-280mm, P-190mm, L-3m Light Trough Cornice LT26: H-100mm, P-100mm, L-3m
Light Diffusers CS Interiors

Panel Mouldings and Pilasters

Selection of Panel Mouldings and Pilasters. PM9 PM8 PM5 PM7 PM6 PM2 Arch Fascia P009 Top Width - 245mm x H 100mm P002 W - 145mm x H - 196mm P001 W - 145mm x H - 196mm P002 W - 145mm x H - 196mm P010 Bottom Width - 224mm x H 110mm Pilasters [...]
Panel Mouldings and Pilasters CS Interiors